What are the benefits of laser dentistry? Posted on 7 Jul 00:00 , 0 comments

Because laser dentistry uses precision lasers, there are many benefits to it uses, and the list grows every year. These benefits include:

  • Many soft tissue dental procedures performed using lasers do not require the use of sutures, or stitches.
  • Damage to the tissue the surrounds the area being worked on is minimal, compared to use of other dental instruments.
  • Some procedures don’t require the use of anesthesia.
  • Lasers minimize bleeding in many dental procedures because the energy sources or light that is used aids in the clotting of blood vessels.
  • Bacteria are minimized because the lasers sterilize the tissue. For this reason, lasers are capable of minimizing the possibility of the patient contracting an infection.
  • Patient recovery times are minimized because their wounds heal more quickly.
  • Tissue and blood vessels can even be regenerated when lasers are used in many dental procedures.