ProDENT CAPTURE is a software developed for ProDENT INTRAORAL CAMERA to help capture button work with popular dental imaging software.

Support model of ProDENT Intraoral camera

  • PD740
  • PD720
  • PD760


 Download address


ProDENT capture download address

dental usb download address

How to get verification?

1 download and install, fill in your email in the box and click on the get verify code.

prodent capture verification

2 fill in your information

prodent capture 2


3 get the 4 digital number code from your email and input the code.


then login in directly.


ProDENT Intraoral Camera integrates seamlessly with

ACEdental Adstra Imaging Apteryx  CADI Imaging CaptureLink
Eaglesoft imaging ClearDent CliniViewXV Curvehero Dental DBSWIN Imaging Software
Kodak KDI CareStream Imaging Prof. Suni Dexis Imaging version 9 and below Dexis Imaging version 10 and below
Sidexis Dentiview Gendex VixWin Schick CDR DICOM Romexis Planmeca
TigerView Imaging Tracker for Dentists Software of Excellence D4W Patterson Eaglesoft Imaging
Examine Pro Praktika Dentimax  Scanora XDR
Logos_w XLDent PatientGlary MacPratice
and more




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