How to Integrate the ProDENT Intraoral Camera into SoPro Posted on 11 Aug 14:23 , 0 comments

Note: The Camera is not directly integrating into SoPro. IOC Snapshot is a must have. 


Download the IOC Snapshot here:

1. Open File then click Setup.



2. Under Color Images, You may select the ProDENT Camera but if any issues comes up during opening a live feed, select the Virtual Camera from IOC Snapshot.



3. On the IOC Snapshot, right-click on the blue camera icon and select Twain on the options.




4.  Live Video Feed Options:

4.1  Click the Camera icon in SoPro to open a live video feed.




4.2 Or you can use the Twain from IOC Snapshot. Go to Capture > TWAIN Source > IOC Snapshot.