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Get detailed images from inside the mouth with this high resolution IntraOral Camera that simply uses USB to connect to your computer.


Key features
- Crystal Clear Picture Quality 
- Simple and easy Plug & Play installation via USB port (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10) 
- Includes free proprietary Dental Imaging Software which allows to see, capture, edit, and save the images 
- Fully compatible with DEXIS & Apteryx, as well as reported functional w/ EagleSoft, PracticeWorks, SoftDent, DentiMax, AbleDent, CliniView, ProfSuni, Digora, and more! 


Why Use an Intraoral Camera?

Intraoral cameras are most commonly used by dental professionals, but people at home can also use them to monitor their own dental health and to learn about the inside of the mouth. And you don’t have to use an intraoral camera just for looking inside people’s mouths. This camera would be a great choice in any situation where you want to film or take pictures in tight, dark places, especially if moisture is a factor.

Dental professionals use intraoral cameras mainly for patient education. Sometimes people are skeptical about dental procedures; they might think it’s too expensive, it would hurt too much, or maybe they’re just terrified of dentists. But, when patients can see the problem for themselves it often becomes more real to them, which makes them much less likely to refuse or postpone dental procedures. Dental professionals can also use intraoral cameras for patient files, which is good for legal reasons, or when different dental professionals need to work together.

These cameras are a great tool to use for educational purposes too. The images and videos made by them can be used in dental schools, or even to teach children how important it is to brush their teeth. A picture of what the inside of the mouth really looks like could be way more convincing to a child than merely a verbal reminder.


Protective Intraoral camera sleeves

When you are using devices inside the mouth, hygiene obviously becomes very important. However, unlike other dental tools, a camera is too delicate to go through the sterilization process. That’s why this intraoral camera comes with Protective Intraoral camera sleeves, ensuring that you can use it with multiple patients without fear of cross-contamination.