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Written by Dr. Agnes Yumiaco

Soft-Tissue Laser Treatment is a new procedure that can aid in the overall health of your gums and mouth. It can help stop bleeding, control gingivitus,  and even help treat cold sores and canker sores. Soft-Tissue Laser Treatments include: Gingival Troughing for Crown Impressions, Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty, Gingival Incision & ExcisionSoft-Tissue Crown Lengthening, Hemostasis & Coagulation, Excisional & Incisional Biopsies, Exposure of Unerupted Teeth, Fibromal Removal, Frenectomy & Frenotomy, Implant Recovery, Incision & Drainage of Abscess, Leukoplakia, Pulpotomy as an Adjunct to Root Canal, TherapOperculectomy, Oral Papillectomies, Reduction of Gingival Hypertrophy, Vestibuloplasty, Treatment of Canker Sores, Herpetic & Aphthous Ulcers of the Oral Mucosa.