The Standard of Care Posted on 29 Oct 04:56 , 0 comments

Laser-assisted dentistry is ‘front and center’ almost everywhere one looks these days. From new products and systems to advanced laser techniques, there is an explosion of information on the subject.

In the programs I present on new technologies in dentistry, particularly laser technologies, I always make the statement, “Laser-assisted is not just A new standard of care it is THE new standard of care”. With 17 dental schools teaching laser-assisted dentistry, plus both clinical-based evidenced research and laboratory research being performed and published increasingly throughout the world, it is clear to me that every dentist will be using lasers in some fashion before too long to improve patient care.

What ever type of laser you are using or considering incorporating into your practice, make certain that it fits best for you for your reasons. It is your practice. It is your future. THE new standard of care in dentistry with laser-assisted dentistry is here today!