why would a dentist use an intraoral camera Posted on 22 Mar 00:00

A dentist may use an intraoral camera for several reasons:

  1. Diagnosis: Intraoral cameras provide high-quality images of the inside of a patient's mouth, allowing dentists to accurately diagnose dental issues such as cavities, gum disease, and cracked teeth.

  2. Treatment planning: Intraoral cameras allow dentists to visualize and plan treatments more accurately, which can help improve the outcomes of procedures.

  3. Patient education: Intraoral cameras can help dentists show patients the areas of concern in their mouth, allowing them to better understand their oral health and the need for treatment.

  4. Monitoring progress: Intraoral cameras allow dentists to monitor the progress of treatments and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.

Overall, intraoral cameras provide a valuable tool for dentists to improve patient care, diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient education.