ProDENT PD720 Intraoral Camera

$ 469.00 $ 999.00

Best HD Intraoral Camera at the Right Price

Intraoral camera is widely used for Patient communication and insurance claim.

ProDENT HD intraoral camera provide SUPER clear high definition pictures for dentist at a affordable price.



  • Crystal clear HD Images
  • Zoom 1X~4X
  • Ergonomic design for both Left-handed and Right-handed user.
  • Integrated with Poplular Image system like Eaglesoft, Dexis, Dentrix,Apteryx and so on
  • Autofocus lens and shadeless light source
  • USB cable connection, stable, soft, and 6 feet long
  • 1 years warranty and 30 days return policy


ProDENT HD Intraoral Camera Support

Integrated with Most of popular dental x-ray software 

here is the list of software support

DEXIS,  Apteryx, Eaglesoft, Gendex Vixvin Platinum,Schick by Sirona,Carestream Practiseworks, tracker, SIDEXIS , Curve hero, MacPractise and etc.



Technical Specification

  • 2.0 Mega Pixels
  • Sensor ¼ CMOSv
  • Resolution 640*480 / 1280*720 / 1280*960
  • Type of focus Auto-focus
  • Scope of focus 5mm-50mm
  • Powered via USB cable
  • Zoom up to 4X
  • Light: 6 white LEDs 5600K
  • Visual Angle 105 degrees
  • Length of handset 8 inches (204 mm)
  • Cable Length: 8 Ft (2.5 m)
  • Weight: 2 Oz

Package included

  • One Intraoral camera hand-piece
  • One USB 2.0 cable with removable connector
  • One holder with magnetic shut-off sensor and two screws
  • 50 disposable, single-use, optically-transparent plastic sheaths
  • Mini CD or USB disk for user guide and integration software

Sample picturesample photo taken by pd720