Intraoral Cameras Equipment Posted on 9 Jun 21:26 , 0 comments

The intraoral camera is small, roughly the size of a standard dental mirror, and features a built-in light source. With this small camera, we can easily identify problems such as tooth decay, cracked or broken fillings, cracked teeth and signs of gum disease among others to help us create an effective treatment plan.

Images are easily shared and the systems integrate with a range of imaging and practice management software applications. They connect easily to computers either wirelessly, or via USB or docking stations. Most intraoral cameras employ LED, enabling image capture without external lighting.

Technological advances are alive and well in the dental community. Despite this, not all dentists use the intraoral camera. Are you interested in utilizing the most recent dental technology? Find out what type of equipment your dentist employs in the office. Should you discover that your dentist is using tools from yesteryear, it just may be that a simple suggestion from you is all it takes to get your dentist up-to-speed technologically. 

Practitioners selecting intraoral cameras should keep in mind that:

-Higher-resolution cameras tend to capture images with better clarity

-User-friendly USB connectivity facilitates movement from room to room

-The capture button should be positioned to allow snapping of images regardless of orientation in the mouth

-Included software or drivers should be compatible with existing software