MacPractice Integration Guide with ProDENT intraoral camera


The latest solution is to use a 3rd party driver to work with Macpractice.

"PRODENT35MAC"   35% discount code for ProDENT intraoral camera users.

 Valid to May 31, 2024.


Below is the confirmation from Macpractice official on April 1 2024.
I was able to confirm that this allows the image capture on the device on Monterey, Ventura, and Sonoma computers.


Confirmed by MacPractice official , the capture button is not working anymore on Oct 2023.

This is a broken feature, that was caused by Apple's macOS Monterey.  The macOS will not record any key strokes with any intra oral cameras that are UVC compliant.   Therefore the camera buttons do not work and it is not something we can fix, since it is macOS caused. 


It has been found not working in some version of mac system since  April, 2022.

Big Sur
macOS 11.6.3 Intel:  The Prodent Camera has a working capture button
macOS 11.6.3 M1:    The Prodent Camera does not have a working capture button. 
macOS 12.3.1 Intel:  The Prodent Camera does not have a working capture button.
macOS 12.3.1 M1:    Unkown -  We did not have a mac on this to test on yet.  

MacPractice is a widely used practice management software service with good integration with Apple products.