ProDENT Dental Endodontic Apex Locator Endodontic Root Canal Finder

$ 99.00 $ 999.00

ProDENT Dental Endodontic Apex Locator Endodontic Root Canal Finder with Accessories



Stable and compact design 



Easy to use 



Available under variety environment of root canal 



Expedited shipping







   It adopts dual-frequency testing circuit and large colored LCD display with real-time graphic of root canal.



   Free from the conditions of root-canal. Dryness or electroltes,blood or physiological brines will not affect the measuring result. Dry and Wet condition are also available for accurate reading.



   The narrow area (apical constriction) of the apex of root-canal can be adjusted by the dentists if necessary (range0-5mm).



   Autoclavable file holder and contrary electrode to avoid cross infection.



   Self calibrating of the dental apex locator.



   Sound alarm indicating apex.



   Adjustable volumn of the sound indicator.



   Long power consumption design, super long using time, power supplied by No.7 battery, with 7 scales battery indication.



   Excellence in working length determination comes with 5 different setting of apical adjusting around the minor diameter.



   The accessories can be sterilized with high temperature, prevent the patients from cross infection.



   Features: 100% CE Guaranteed; Durable; Hight performance; Reasonable price.



   Market: Widely used by worldwide dentists with great positive feedbacks.



   One year ProDENT warranty.




Packing list:



   Apex Locator Main Unit x 1



   Testing Wire x 1



   File Holder x 2



   Stainless Electrode x 2



   Power adapter x 1

• Operation Manual in English x 1