technical update for Intraroal camera

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twain will be added to the intraoral camera ProDENT provide.

update on May 18, 2017.

Try to keep your windows operation system update to the version after April 2017.

when you update you system ,here is some notice.

1 unplug the intraoral camera when you update

 if intraoral camera is connectted, some update can not succeed which may be useless for this update.


2 plug the intraoral camera after restart your computer.




update on May 10, 2017

About the black screen after normal use.


"It's impossible to see an image on the screen and also to capture it after upgrade to Windows 10 ver 1703 (15063.250) same problem"


"my previous PD740 suddenly stopped working within the dental USB software.I have re-installed fresh software and it says it is working but the capture screen is blank. The camera light comes on and it works/captures within windows (via control panel - camera devices). The computer has had no changes to it. Please advise."

some customer meet this problem, there is no video output, only black screen. but the light is on.



windows make some regular update and some update in win10 meet this problem.we have contact with Microsoft and confirmed this is a bug. It will be fixed sooner or later.



first open the "device manager" then go on  "device image aquire" then "video USB device" then select the "driver" tab then "udpdate the driver" then "search driver on my computer" then "choose driver from list on my computer", make sure that compatible devices is on and select 'video USB device"
, click on "NEXT" to install the driver; finished and the cam will work normally. 

 how to do the maintenance of intraoral camera