Which dental procedures can be performed with lasers? Posted on 30 Jun 00:00 , 0 comments

The dental procedures that can be performed using lasers include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Teeth whitening:  Lasers are beneficial in in-office whitening of teeth because they speed up the bleaching process. Many laser teeth-whitening procedures can even be performed in just one dental visit, leaving the patient’s teeth much whiter than most other whitening procedures.
  • Cavity filling:  Dental lasers used for hard tissue can eliminate the need to use injection of local anesthetic and even drilling. Lasers help to strengthen the bond being formed between teeth and their fillings.
  • Tooth preparation:  Teeth can be better prepared for filling of cavities when lasers are used because the energy source kills bacteria located within the cavity itself.
  • Gum reshaping:  Smiles that are considered ‘gummy’ can become more attractive and even have a healthier structure for holding teeth because gums can be reshaped more effectively.
  • Benign tumor removal:  When lasers are used to remove benign tumors in the mouth, this procedure does not require the uses of sutures. This means that a patient can experience much less pain and a quicker recovery time.
  • Nerve and tissue regeneration:  A procedure known as low-level laser therapy, also known as LLLT or photobiomodulation, is used to regenerate blood vessels and nerves that have been damaged.
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) treatment:  Laser dentistry can also be used to treat TMJ because the precision of the lasers used by skilled dentists will aid in reducing the pain and inflammation that can be associated with this condition. Additionally, the affected area recovers more quickly with conventional dental instruments.